The village of Breukelen, situated on the river de Vecht with its beautiful outdoor places from distant times, became a part of the new municipality Stichtse Vecht on January 1st, 2011, including Maarssen and Loenen aan de Vecht. The village contains 3 castles, including Nijenrode, well-known for its university. Stichtse Vecht offers the most historic outdoor places of the entire Netherlands. Most of them can only be viewed from outside. However, in the Vechtstreekmuseum and Slot Zuylen, you can learn everything about living near de Vecht during the Dutch Golden Age.

De Vecht sets the atmosphere in Breukelen and its surroundings. Loenen aan de Vecht has a protected town centre and is definitely worth a visit. Take a walk through de Dorpsstraat, with its old, majestic houses and unique ‘overtuinen’ (gardens that are separated from the houses) including graceful tearooms. Stichtse vecht is also a part of the ‘Nationaal Landschap Het Groene Hart’ and is an area full of water, so enthusiasts of aquatic sports can also enjoy themselves. De Maarsseveense, Loosdrechtse and Vinkeveense plassen are all close by.

Within Breukelen, but also outside the town, you can find several reasonably priced restaurants. On Fridays, there is a market on de Kerkbrink in the town centre, surrounded by various pleasant outdoor cafes. The vibrant cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht are both just 20 minutes away by car. The public transportation options are also worth considering. A train and bus station is located within walking distance.